Wayne Baraks

Wayne Baraks

Wayne started singing with the radio when he was four years old. By the time he was eight, he playing guitar at the East Detroit Conservatory of Music. He has been a longstanding member of the Detroit Federation of Musicians Local #5 since 1970. In 1974, he recorded “I Got the Feeling” at Motown Studio B.

Through the years of 1979-1980, he played U.S.O. shows in Japan, Philippines, and the Indian Ocean Islands on the U.S. Military Bases, and on various U.S. Navy ships.

In 1987-1995, Wayne joined Gil Bridges and Rare Earth, singing lead vocals and playing rhythm guitar, touring the USA, Canada and Europe. During that time, Wayne recorded two albums with Rare Earth, “Live in Switzerland” and “Different World” and was co-songwriter on “Living in a Different World”.

Wayne also played Metro Detroit with John Drake of The Amboy Dukes, Marcus Allen of The Frost, and Adam Allen of Badfinger. He enjoys playing solo at the Senior Living Centers in the Detroit area just to see them smile and sing-along.

Quote, “In 2022, I was asked to sing with Rare Earth for a second time, and I said, yes! I am pleased and honored to be here with my bandmates again.”