Rollo Michael Rollin

Rollo Michael Rollin

(Pron. Rah-lo My-kel Rah-len)

Saxophone, Flute, Percussion, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals

Rollo grew up in a lakeside cottage in metro Detroit. When most kids his age were focused on finishing first grade, he was out in the rowboat with his mother, Dolores (an accomplished local musician), learning how to play a variety of instruments.

Rollo’s early love of music carried through his high school band life, his service in the U.S. Marines (Semper Fi!), and through decades of creative projects in Detroit and beyond, including playing with bands such as, Art Of Fact, Tongue-N-Groove, and Torch With a Twist Vaudeville Revue. He has also, performed in musicals such as, The Daedalus 2 Mission: A Space Opera, and Manny and the Mirror. His arsenal of skills includes saxophone, flute, clarinet, guitar, vocals, congas, acting, improv comedy, and he has worked as the technical director for Detroit’s Elizabeth Theatre, as well as a production manager, sound engineer, and has set carpenter for many venues and productions across the country.

For years, Rollo has even captured national attention as his alter ego, The Reverend of Roar, a savvy orator who revs up Detroit Lions fans with pre-game performances. “The Rev” has made the news and inspired thousands of fans while livestreaming his month-long, 500-mile walk for charity.

Quote “My life is better than my daydreams! I could not be more humbled and exited to carry on Gil Bridges’ sax, flute, and front man legacy, and have the opportunity to play with such accomplished musicians in an epic Motown ensemble”