KC Christian

KC Christian

Drums and Backup Vocals

KC remembers his musical interest starting when he first heard the Beatles. From then on, he knew what his life was meant to be. KC grew up in Dearborn, Michigan in the 60’s. Motown was huge at that time, and he was totally influenced by the magic. He grew up in a musical family and always found himself chasing after his older brothers. KC’s eldest brother is a drummer, the other is a guitar player. KC played the tambourine and sang, so they formed a band called The Christian Brothers. They played weddings, and school festivals.

His family moved from Dearborn to the farmlands in White Lake, Michigan. This is where his life made a big change. When he was fifteen years old, he met a guy named Dan Medawar, and they formed a band called, Tempter. This was KC’s very first band without his brothers. KC grew up hanging out at Dan’s parents’ house, and their band played anywhere and everywhere they could play. In the early 80’s, they ventured into the Detroit sene and joined a band called Riff Raff.

In the mid 80’s, KC formed a band called, Gunner. The bass player was Ron Cousineau. Throughout the years, Ron and KC stayed together in several projects. Once again, KC, Ron and Dan are bandmates.

Quote, “I feel blessed with the opportunity to be in Rare Earth with my musical lifetime brothers. As well as meeting my newest brothers, Mike, Wayne, Ron and Rollo. Thank you, again, Dan Medawar for that phone call.”