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Floyd Stokes Jr.

He was born in 1963 in Lansing, MI. Youngest out of six siblings. He grew up in Lansing and started his interest in music at age 14. At age 15 he got is first set of drums for a Christmas present and quickly started playing music with his Randy who played guitar. After playing in the basement for a year, he and his brother formed a small band playing parties and such.

Soon after, the music improved and they started playing small bars and clubs. Floyd continued to play around the Lansing area and booking agent contacts, started playing northern Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

After some years of working with his brother, Floyd left the band to pursue different musical interests. He liked to play funky style, Blues, Jazz, and progressive Rock ‘n’ Roll. Along the way, Floyd met another musician named Randy Burgdoff.

Burgdoff was in the Lansing music scene for years before Floyd started music, and often helped Floyd with one thing or another. They played small gigs together for a while on and off until Randy landed a job with Rare Earth.

Floyd continued to play in bar bands around Lansing and surrounding areas until the early 90’s when his friend Rand “Bird” Burgdoff told Floyd of a possible opening the Rare Earth band. Floyd auditioned for and got the position of drummer. It was a great break for Floyd. He was very excited about the landing the part and his parents were very proud.

About a year after Floyd started with Rare Earth, a personnel change opened up a singing position and Floyd was offered the part. He gladly took the position and has been singing lead vocals in the band to this day.

“It’s a fun job,” Floyd says, “but it’s a lot of hard work as well.” Floyd says that one of the best things about playing with Rare Earth is that his parents are very happy and proud of him.

Floyd hopes to continue playing with nationally celebrated act for as long as they will have him. Floyd also has stemmed off into song writing and hopes to have some his music on a CD someday, but until then, he will enjoy playing, touring, and writing music with one of the best musical bands on earth.