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Randy “Bird” Burghdoff

Born and raised on Lansing, Michigan, it started for Bird with a Christmas present in 1968. Little did his parents know what path they set their son on. Creating a band, Sweet Leaf, in high school, Bird rocked his bass to graduation in 1973. He then took on two “real” jobs to pay for his gear, and took off playing with Michigan bands until the fall of 1979 when he joined a regional recording act, the Blue Money Band. Bird left Blue Money in 1982 and played locally with various bands for a year. In September of 1984, he joined Rare Earth as part of the road crew and within a year was both the road manager and bass player.

Married with a teenage son, Bird still lives in Lansing and continues to rock both with Rare Earth and as an occasional treat with some local bands. He is currently spending most of his free time in his personal studio recording and producing.